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Discover how we do marketing and what we’ve been working on in the last year.

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Major Campaigns

Some of the major marketing campaigns we’ve completed this year.

Reverb 2016

With new mailings, a brand new poster, and several new marketing techniques this year was one of best marketing efforts yet.

Result: Up 1,400 from last year

Black Friday

Our biggest and most successful Black Friday and Christmas campaign ever. We sent 11 Emails in two weeks as well as built a major landing page.

Result: 128k of Revenue


One of our first campaigns starting in October was to increase our numbers all along the “funnel” of enrollment at the BI.

Result: More Leads in the funnel

Pursuit Camp

A brand new camp during the winter months on our Florida property. We helped drive new visitors the camp for the first year.

Result: 71 of students @ camp

Building Campaigns

How we create a marketing campaign from start to finish.
Purpose to develop a comprehensive plan to communicate Property Services desire to have no cars in the parking lot overnight during snowstorms.
Goal There would be no cars in the center section of the parking lot overnight during snowstorms.

Email One:


Email Two:


Email Three:


Email Series

Set up a 3 Email series. 1st would be about snow storm parking. We would have 2 followup emails for those who have opened and those who have not opened.


Social Media

Targeted ads on Facebook. Regular posts about it for staff to see. Twitter and Instagram posts to make it a hilarious thing people would notice.


Landing Page

We would create a landing page with the details that would support the email and give people more details.


Printed Collateral

Brochures, Postcards sent out in the mail, Posters hung around HQ and Rack cards.


Public Relations strategies, Magazine articles, online resource such as eBooks, and Partnerships with other ministries.

Phone Calling

We work with customer service to call people if we have numbers to do so.

Reporting & Measuring

Email stats, social media likes and share, google analytics, to get the Final Results


Web Update

Taking the Word of Life Presence to the Next Level
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Our Goal To get all Word of Life websites up to date, designed well, and powerful.


In an effort to move all sites over to the new system we updated the WOL FL site in early May.

LCM Site

In Mid December we finished up the rebuild of the LCM Site moving it onto the new system as well.


Finished at the end of February the entire home website was renovated and revamped.

BI Site

All of the content and structure is being reorganized for a better user experience.

Landing Pages

Private Retreats Landing Page

As we have expanded hosting more private groups at our facilities we use this page to gather leads.

Pursuit Camp Landing Page

A landing page we created to drive attendance at the new Pursuit Camp in Florida.

Google AdWords Landing Page

A landing page we send leads to who come through our Google AdWords campaigns for Camps.

Parent’s Guide Landing Page

A page used to give away the parent’s guide brochure and create leads for the Bible Institute.

The invisible Audience:
320k visitors last year

The Podcast

The Power of God’s Truth in Audio
We've Had
Podcast Downloads
We've Recorded
Podcast Episodes
Listeners in
Different Countries

The podcast has had over 11k downloads since it was launched in August. We have faithful listeners that tune in from all over the United States to different countries throughout the world each week to hear the Podcast. We’ve heard from many that were touched by the content of the podcast both students and adults.

As a teenager Christian, I’ve grown up in the church my whole life. I’ve been to church every Sunday, unless a fever kept me home in bed. Yet lately, my heart hasn’t been in the right place. There’s a certain strain on my prayer life and my time with God. Seeming as if stressing about body image, life, and school is “more important”. I know it’s not. I know that I want to get back to God and get closer again, I just need some help. My family and I have been through a lot of different things in the past two years, and it’s starting to drain on us all. My dad tries to stay strong and be an example for us all, but even he is stumbling. I guess at the end of the day, after all the day’s events have taken its toll on me, I just want to sleep. I need either a prayer partner or to be discipled or something. I don’t know, I just miss God. I’m sorry if none of this makes sense, I was just looking for some encouragement and came across your podcasts

Design & Print

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New Emails

In the beginning of this year we rebuilt the process of sending emails out. Each Email we send out now is fully designed after copy is written. This process puts on par with most companies in the professional nature and design of our emails.

Email Opens
Individual Emails

New Brochures

We’ve been churning out resources to support our admissions team as they work with potential students. As well as turning out resources such as “Does Camp Really Work” and “Planning a Spiritual Vacation.” These resources allow us to give something to our audience while at the same time speaking helpfully on a subject. We have 3 new resources coming out soon. One to support our private retreats “How to Plan the Perfect Retreat” and 2 more for the BI Admissions team.

Does Summer Camp Really Work

A peice by Matt Eachus that tells the power of camp and especially how Word of Life Camp is a huge help to students.

Bible Institute Pastor’s Guide

A brochure targeting Pastors specifically. It explains the purpose, process & discipleship of the Bible Institute.

Bible Institute Parent’s Guide

A brochure for Parents used to reach out to new parents. It talks about helping their student move to the next phase of life.

Bible Institute Second Year

A brochure we printed with each First Year Student’s name on it to talk to them about the benefits of Second Year.

Data & Reporting

How we know what’s working and getting all the numbers

Starting soon we will be putting up “digital scoreboards” that look like this. It will be a way for us a department and an organization track how we are doing in key areas. You will see these scoreboards on TV’s placed around HQ.

The Team

Get to know the people that make marketing happen at WOL

Adam Curtis

Office and Account Supervisor

Andrew Tyler

Interim Lead Web Developer

Brice Futch

Marketing and Recruitment Director

Cassidy Espinoza


Daniel Pinckard

Recruitment Coordinator

Daniel Reider


John Yarosh

Web Designer

Kellie Louvis

BI Account Coordinator

Jonathan Phillips

Podcast Host

Joshua Paulhamus

Video Coordinator

Justin Maldonado


Jonah Paulhamus


Kortni Steltz

Creative and Branding Manager

Lee Lethers

Podcast Engineer

Maggie Brower


Matthew Goodrow

Camps Account Coordinator

Natalie Politoski


Pam Collins

LCM Account Coordinator

Ryan Pope

Fellowship Account Coordinator

Sally Gebensleben

Print Services

Taylor Hurlbert

Content Writer

Teresa Stursberg


Tim Pruiett


Tyler Collins

Senior Strategist