Word of Life Rodeo


Family Fun Night: 7:00pm
Rodeo: 8:00pm

General Admission: FREE



  • Horse Rides
  • Bounce Houses
  • Music and Food
  • General Store
  • Face Painting
  • Fort Playground
  • Barrel Racin’
    Barrel Racing is an event you will see in every major Rodeo across the U.S. An event for cowgirls only, the riders will take turns running the course in a clover leaf pattern, trying to get as close to the barrels as possible without knocking them over.
  • Pony Express Relay
    This event pays tribute to one of the fondest memories of the Wild West, the Pony Express. It is a fast-paced event that will pit tonight’s 2 teams against each other as well as rider vs. rider simultaneously. The object is to pick up or drop off their flag in the can at the other end as well as either hand-off or take from the other rider
  • Bull Doggin’
    Strength and agility will make a cowboy the winner in this event. The cowboys must grab the steer by the horn and flip it on its side, so that all four hooves are off the ground. The fastest time wins.
  • Team Pennin’
    Team Penning is probably the event most connected to the cattle drives and stockyards of the 1800’s. Riders in this event compete to see which team can pen their steer the quickest, but 2 ½ minutes is all they get. The fastest time wins.
  • 3-Man Pickup
    Just like it sounds, this event requires a cowboy to pick up three of his friends, one at a time, on horseback. Speed will play a part but so will the grounded cowboys ability to swing up on a moving horse.
  • Pole Bendin’
    Pole Bending is a team event where speed and agility are key. Each team consisting or cowboys or cowgirls will compete at the same time. The object is to weave through a course of poles as fast as possible without knocking any of the poles over. The first team to complete the course will win.
  • Goat Tyin’
    Goat tying is similar to calf roping. The object is to be the cowboy or cowgirl who is able to flip a goat to its side and tie at least 3 legs in the fastest time. The competitors will ride from one side of the arena to the other and dismount to begin the event.
  • Steer Ridin’
    Bull riding has become so popular, it has its own circuit, the Professional Bull Riders of America (PBR). Steer riding reduces the danger slightly, but still provides an adrenaline rush for the rider and crowd. The object is to stay on the steer for 8 seconds. In the event of a tie, the winner is the one who had the most difficult ride.



World-Famous Food

We have tons of great food available at the Rodeo including:

  • Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, and of course, our famous Rodeo Burgers!
  • Cotton Candy
  • Snow Cones
  • Popcorn & Potato Chips
  • S’mores around the fire
  • Candy and other snacks
  • Iced Tea, Lemonade, and Soft Drinks

“Huckleberry the Clown”


Jonathan Phillips is our Rodeo’s Arena Official, explaining the events, judging the riders and stirring up trouble. He and his wife along with their six children reside in Schroon Lake. When he’s not clowning around, Jonathan serves as the Regional Representative here at Word of Life.

“Marshal Jon” Nazigian


Jonathan Nazigian is Director of the Word of Life Ranch & Wild. His wife, Debbie, and their three boys, Christian, Ethan, & Luke love the camp ministry and telling folks about God’s love. During the year, Jonathan directs The Leadership Institute at Fredericksburg Christian School in Virginia. Tell Marshal Jon what you thought about the Rodeo at jonn@wol.org.

“Mustang Marcus”


Marcus Eaton directs our horsemanship program and oversees our stables.
Marcus enjoys seeing the joy horses bring to people. “My favorite part of what we do is seeing a camper who has struggled making a horse do what he wants, until it finally clicks and he understands what it takes to make the horse do what he wants.”

If you would like more information about our horsemanship program or trail rides, email Marcus at ranch@wol.org.