As School Starts Back Up, Students Need Your Help!

Early in her life, Jen was confronted by chaos and instability. After her parents finalized their divorce, her father gained custody but instantly dropped Jen off at her grandparents’ house and then faded out of her life.

Although her grandparents were believers and cared for her in a loving way, Jen still felt abandoned and withdrew from people and from the Lord.

During eighth grade, Jen had the chance to attend Snow Camp. She hated it. Throughout the weekend, she kept her heart closed to the Lord’s gentle prompting. The following summer, despite her protests, her grandparents sent her to another Word of Life camp—The Island.

When Jen walked into The Island, she was determined to leave the same, to not allow the Lord or anyone else into her life. But there, Jen encountered the Lord in a new, fresh way, and His deep love for her finally connected to her soul.

“I went in there walking with my head held high, and I left on my knees. That’s where my faith became real to me. That’s where I dedicated my life to God.”

Because of her counselors and grandparents’ patient love and care for her heart and soul, Jen recommitted her life to the Lord.

Several years later, Jen’s father died, leaving her truly alone. In the midst of her deep grief, Jen found herself wrestling with her faith and her understanding of God’s goodness.

During that time of great uncertainty, several generous friends just like you stepped forward to provide Jen with a scholarship to attend the Word of Life Bible Institute.

“Even though I was struggling with what I believed, I made the decision to go to the Word of Life Bible Institute in Florida, and that decision rocked my world.”
As Jen was surrounded by healthy friendships, engaging classes, and opportunities to share her faith, she finally found the courage to truly live out what she was learning, and she stepped up to encourage other hurting and struggling girls in her dorm. It was then she realized that from her first moment of camp to her first year at the Bible Institute, the Lord had been preparing her for a life of impactful ministry.

Through the faith and love from camp counselors, her grandparents and many other Word of Life friends, Jen was able to experience the body of Christ in action on her behalf through prayer, emotional support, spiritual accountability and financial assistance.

Now you can help even more students like Jen!
Right now, many other students are worried about their financial challenges, and some may even be forced to leave the Bible Institute early. But you can be the difference between a student finishing or ending their education at the Bible Institute—you can help students pursue their calling.

Will you consider adopting a student this year? With a gift of only $50 a month/$600 a year, you can be the answer to the prayer for which many students are waiting. If you choose to adopt one or more students, you will receive information and updates from your adopted student(s) who are the recipient(s) of your gift(s).

Please know, when you give a gift of any amount, you help provide scholarships and discounts that make the difference in the life of a student toward tuition, room and board and fees.

How wonderful that we get to be a part of these promising young students’ stories as they take the Gospel to other hurting people!

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