Vacation with a purpose

The power of bringing your family together for god

At Word of Life, we believe that with some planning, effort and prayer, a family vacation can serve as a life-changing time for everyone in your family.

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Why "Ordinary" vacations fail

We’re here to talk you through some valuable steps that you can take to make the most of the next few weeks and set your life on the right path for your future.

The power of a spiritual vacation

It can seem like everyone has advice for you right now.
We’re here to settle a few key myths that you might be hearing or even telling yourself right now.


Sometimes it’s best to start small and think through the things you enjoy doing, what goals you have and what items are important to you. Outlining those can sometimes point to a clearer path as you get started planning for your future.

A spiritual vacation doesn’t necessarily mean “churchy;”

it just means a vacation on purpose. It means being
intentional with the money, time, and relationships that a
family vacation represents

Vacation with a Purpose

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